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November 04, 2010


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Can we sign up if we're from Canada?

Judy Butler

I too have ordered 3 of the bargain boxes. Debit card charges. No response from them. I have written E-mails 3 times to no avail. Sure wish they would get it together. I am ready to dispute the charges as well. Certainly not made of money, I feel like we have just paid for their vacation.


I too have been trying to get an answer as to where my "bargin" box is. I ordered it on July 12 and to date I have received nothing, sent numerous e-mails and no one will get back to me. I obviously will have to contact my credit card company to make sure no charges have been put through. What a SCAM ...... I don' know what you people think you are doing but looks like I need to make a call to the better business bureau to report you.

Hope M

i too ordered @ boxes. charged on 7/12/11 and still no boxes. the reciept e-mailed to me said i would be billed upon shipment of my order, even the usps is not this slow. my order was my only b-day gift, we as many others in this economy are budgeted very tightly. so here i am, birthday passed, and STILL no gift. i know this is a small company so i am hoping they have just had unexpected issues arrise and we will see our boxes soon. i really can't afford to just go out and buy stuff so i was VERY excited to have had my hubby find such a great deal for my b-day. but it's turning out not so great as i had no gifts for my b-day and whats worse hubby thinks its his fault because it was all we could afford.


Sorry for the delay in shipping your orders! With the birth of our new baby some of the orders were delayed in getting shipped out. All orders have now been shipped. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]. Thanks!


Got my kit today and couldn't be more thrilled with the contents. There is a lot of good stuff in there!


I am still wanting for mine now. My money cleared back in the middle of Aug it has now been over 2 weeks and nothing. I was very excited and am seriously dissappointed now. Would at least like to hear something back please.

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