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April 08, 2010


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Jennifer B

Our favorite thing with the kids is being outside doing yard work. They love hauling stuff to the curb that we cut out of the garden.

Lillian Child

My kids are grown, but I do have a 2 year old grandson and he loves to go into my craft room and pull out all the "punches" and we will sit together and punch circles and squares and hearts and stars out of colored paper.

Patricia s

weeding and cooking

Kristie Maynard

My kids are 20 & 17 now, but when they were little I used to have a whole binder full of "Mom's fun projects" When we were "bored" we could pull it out and make something. One of my favorite things to do was to make things, especially beads with 'wet set' clay. For a long time there were all kinds of goodies made from this clay, painted all kinds of beautiful colors. Another thing was to take out my crafting supplies and make treasure boxes covered with jewels and other interesting supplies.

Great memories!


Springtime is a great time to go to a park and fly a kite !
It's an excellent photo op too !
Get out, Get movin' and Enjoy !

Patti Cunningham

Any photo op so I can play in my "sandbox" ie craft room. They love to cooperate as well.

Kelly Feeney

My little one is into cooking, so outside the favorite activity is what new item can we bbq. Chicken is currently the favorite.

Lauri Buck

My kids are away at college, but we used to like taking walks in our neighborhood or biking throught the neighborhood or playing at the neighborhood park.


I do not have any children of my own but I have 2 adorable nieces and I love gardening with them. They are so cute with their little hoe and shovel

jen harrison

My twins are five. Lately we have been doing arts n crafts. The recent one was a yarn vase/flowers. Cover the vase with yarn and make yarn flowers, super easy.

We also love learning how to ride our bikes!


We love to play "20-Questions" in the car on the road to whatever our destination is.
Everyone gets a turn at being the one to think of something then the others take turns asking questions that can only be answered with yes or no to eliminate possiblities and make a guess of what the person is thinking of before 20 questions are up. It's lots of fun for all ages :)

tammy miller

My kids are order now 23 and 19 but when we get the chance we have family night and play "pennies" a great card game together! Wow I miss those days!!

Jennifer Kasprzak

My kids and I love to cook and make things for our family like homemade jams, candy and decorate cakes, we also like to garden when the weather is nice
Jennifer K


Build a fort inside. A few blankets,pillows and chairs or nearby furniture and you can transform a playroom or living room. Then when they are done building like busy little beavers, I put in a movie for them to watch from their new 'houses'. It buys a bit of time from the boredoms...

Amy S.

My 4 year old loves to glue things when we are stuck inside. We make collages using magazine cutouts, buttons or whatever scraps we can find. Outside we love to ride bikes, play in the sandbox, or play on his swingset.

martina fegan

I love being outside blowing bubbles with the grandkids!


My kid is on the way, but I have lots of nieces and nephews. I LOVE to cook, and I always have a great time cooking up treats with them for the family. We get messy in the kitchen making cakeballs, stirfry, and other yummies! (I think they like licking the bowl and tastetesting!)


I don't have kids but I lived with my cousin, his wife and their 3 kids when they were young. We would spend time in the spring planting new flowers, the kids loved playing in the dirt, they even planted the baby, he was 1 then. Put dirt all around him up to his waist, so he would grow. It was cute. We also like flying kites.

Heather Wilber

With 4 boys under 7, I am always in need of ideas to keep them occupied (something about bored boys always leads to danger and trouble!). Outside, its all baseball all the time but when the weather isn't great, I always try to have backup ideas. I've collected a stash of scrap paper, stickers, extra pictures I've printed but never used on the scrapbook page, old stamps and those funky edge scissors and we like to craft together. Whether its making a picture for daddy, a card for a great grandparent or just their own scrapbook, they love to create!


Last summer when it was 100 degrees in the PNW (which rarely happens) we built a home made slip 'n slide with our camping tarps, a little dish soap, and the garden hose! We all had a blast..my husband, my 12 y/o, my 9 y/o, and me! Very fun!

Tina Mayo

well already this spring we were able to have water play , and we planted seeds that have already sprouted...but the 4 y/o gets carried away with the watering but we have fun none the less. Great cards Danielle!

Chrystie DeSmet

Something my kids & I really enjoy is making collages out of old magazines. Esspecially ones w/annimals or food, seam to be their favorite! :)

Julie G

One of our favorite thigs to do since the weather has gotten nice again is to write on the sidewalk with chalk while waiting for my oldest to get off the school bus. It sure makes waiting easier on the little ones.

Tia V.

Our favorite thing to do with our three girls is to go camping. We love to be outdoors with them.


My child is a kitty cat and we play with feathers and yarn balls.

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