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March 10, 2010


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Nicole H

My favorite thing about Manheim, PA is the feeling of community that only a small town can have.

Stacy Leonard

I love Ephrata,Wa. because it is still small enough to basically know most everyone adn yet big enough to not be right on top of everyone. When anything bad happens here the whole town bands together and helps out and when good things happen same thing. Right now most of the 7000 peole are at state tournament watching the boys play great basketball.
Stacy L.

Dale T

The best thing about my city, Perth, is the laid back easy-going nature of its people.

Christy T.

My city of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. rocks because it is less than one hour to the beach, mountain, dessert, and lakes in any which direction you go. It's nestled at the base of an amazing mountain range with snow currently topping them. The city is growing but the people remain friendly no matter where you go.

Candyce W.

I live in Antioch, California. What I love about living here, is that we are only 40 minutes from San Francisco and are located on a river, so even on the hottest days, are evenings cool off with the river breeze.

cabbie l.

i live in the capital city of manila, philippines and considered one of the busiest and traffic heavy among the asian cities. although this may come as a reputation, our city is full of history, you can find churches, museums and event centers which appeal to the international community. the famous sunset of manila bay with its nearby restos will surely relax and entertain everyone.

Deb L

I live outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and my favorite thing about Boston is that it is a fantastic walking city. People always say not to drive in Boston (which is excellent advice), but they neglect to say you really don't have to!


Well, The closest city to me is 40 miles away!
I live in a small rural town in Vermont called Hyde Park. I have to say it has been a love/hate relationship over the years.I miss not being close to shopping (especially for scraping supplies) and being so far from a lot of activities. On the other hand, I can look out my back window and see the deer grazing and right now I can smell the wood fires from the Sugar Houses that are making Maple syrup. The community is close and everyone knows each other and we all pull together in any crisis. I do love my home TOWN.

Anne Marie B

I don't live in a city I am out in the country and just love the quietiness about it. Not to sure about the city. I have a small town near by which I like to go to it is very scenic!

Joy W.

Small town like is the right kind for me. Best thing about my town, Shirley, is all the trees. It doesn't matter where you look, even in the busiest part of town, trees are everywhere.


I live in a beach city, Mar del Plata, from Argentina...!!!
My english is basic...
my city has sea, mountains and lake
You can walk to the landscape that you like at this time..
But I like most is the sea...
Could spend hours just watching it ...
Ethel C

Jean Marmo

Rockford, MI is a quaint town with fun little shops, an amazing restaurant and a riverside park that is just perfect!

Jean M
[email protected]


I live on Long Island, about 1 hour from NYC. While we don't get into NYC that often, I do love the shops during Christmas - so lively and decorated just right.
Steph a

Lisa Boulet

My town is very small, but very close among the people. It is a very caring community...lots of love and concern between family and friends. It has a lot of areas to photo my children and family. Therefore lots of scrapbook pages! Not too far to the coast or the city. Love my little world I live in! Lisa B

Stacy Richarz

I live in Fort Meade, Maryland and my favorite thing is how close I am to DC and Baltimore! Tons to do and it is great for the kids, who get to explore the smithsonian and other sites regularly.

Stacy R

Tanya J

My town is small and I live out on a point which seems like we're in our own little world sometimes :) The thing I love most about it is that the neighbors are there to help you out whenever you need it and we watch out for each other (which is nice with a little one running around :))

Wendy mcmurry

My city is Virginia beach and I love to be 15 minutes from the ocean. It brings back wonderful childhood memories since I grew up on long island 15 minutes from the ocean. Wendy m

krisitn wunsch

I live in Louisville Ky. It is the biggest city in Kentucky and borders it Ohio River. I love going with me family to the water front to play on the great lawn. We also enjoy going to watch the River Bats (baseball) in the spring.
Even though it is a city it is still small enough to run into people you have known most of your life while out and about.
Kristin W

Linda B

My town is Pasadena, not Ca., MD. The thing I love about my town is living on the water. Getting up every morning and watching the wildlife.

Ann G

My favorite thing about Dayton, OH is the seasons. Yeah winter can get long but then spring is so revitalizing. Walking with my neighbor was just fantastic these last two days.

Lindzie H

I live very near DC (on the Virginia side). What I love is how close we live to such great things to do. And you can see the Washington monument from almost anywhere!

Carrie Cotter

Well, the email with contest info for comments on the blog showed up today, so it won't be dated 3-10. I still can't wait to get my new kit. Will you guys be at the scrapbook convention in Collinsville, IL (St. Louis) this year?

Carrie C

I live in Wood River, IL. I can say that the best thing about this city is that it was where my husband resided when I met him. Having him as a resident was its biggest draw!

Beatrice S.

My favorite thing about Birdsboro Pa- is the wonderful state park- French Creek- there are so man great things you can do there:-)

Carla L

I also live in Las Vegas and the thing I love most about it is that most my family lives here, too! We love that we can eat in great resturant down on the Strip and within the hour be on the mountain enjoying nature and all it's beauty. I know people only think neon lights when they think of Vegas, but we have so much more than just gaming and shows. It's an amazing and very diverse city. There is always something fun and different to do.

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