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April 22, 2008


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This is exciting!! What a GREAT way to celebrate Earth Day! You've got mail! ;)


Hi received an error message that the mailbox was full when I tried to send my photo(s) for the contest.

[] XMail bounce: Error=[User maximum mailbox size reached]

[] Error sending message [1208894552709.3976.95000.mjmdns] from [qbaroo.com].

Mail From:
Rcpt To:

[] The reason of the delivery failure was:

User maximum mailbox size reached


Hi, the mailbox has been cleared out so you should be able to email your entry now.


Beautiful pictures!!! I've sent you a few of my favorites that I've taken in the last year!!!


Is it okay to send more than one?

Just Lulu

Awesome!!! Just sent you my favorite :)

Kari Sweeney

What a great contest. I picked my favorite since I figured we could only enter one.


If you absolutely can't pick your favorite one then go ahead and send a couple. :) I tried picking my favorite and ended up with 6, so I know what it's like. Of course you're talking to someone who has taken over 500 pictures in the last week!


The fuchsia that you have in your pictures = my favorite, too! I buy some every year for my front porch!


this is a great contest! your photos are awesome! i esp love the tornado one! off to see what I have!


Thanks for sharing your earth day pictures. What a wonderful idea to celebrate our earth. I sent you one but I have so many - maybe just one more :)

Renee Dowling

I have so many favourite outdoor pics, so I sent two, just couldn't choose!I luv those flowers in your pic , so rich in colour!


I just sent in my entry. Thank you so much for doing this! :)


I sent in some entries but goofed and wrote photo entry in the subject! do I need to resend?

Heather Landry

I can't wait to see who won! When will the winners be posted? =0)


i agree...can't wait to see the winner's entry - wonder if i am in with a chance...???


I can't wait to see the winners.

Kristine B.

Me too! I keep checking back to see if anything has been posted!


I was going to post the winners today, but we had so many amazing entries I can't decide! I'll be posting them on Wednesday, May 7th by 10am PST.


SusieQ, don't worry about resending your photo.


Waaah!!! I sent my entry on the 30th and JUST NOW got an e-mail saying it was rejected by your server!! I'm so sad! :(


good luck everyone!

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