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January 29, 2008


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Ruth Clarke

OMGNEsssssssss me they are gorgeous girls you always far exceed my expectations of what will be coming next. I have a son who is a little well 18yr old rock star so I can't wait to play with those papers some really nice strong colours there. You are absolutly awesome and I soooo better get crackin and churn out some more work your way before these beauties arrive!!!!! - ruthy

Theresa Tyree

Oh, yeah, baby!! I can not WAIT to get these goodies in my hot little hands!! Being Asian, my favorite is the Mulan collection! I love the bold colors! The Twinkle Star collection is perfect for any teen- boy or girl!
And those springs! WOW!! Can't wait to play with those!! Woohooo!!!


GORGEOUS! Having 4 daughters, the Cinderella line is my favorite! I can't wait to see these hit the stores!!!


Oh i love those color combos! Congrats on the GO GREEN! How awesome!! See you in Anaheim! :)

Kathy Griffith

I REALLY like the Mulan collection. Will be great for pics of my Anime loving/video game playing sons. They are 18 & 20 but I really think I can use this line.
Thanks for the sneak peeks, they are all great. Can't wait to see in person.

Alecia Castro

Some fun looking stuff here!! That guitar stuff would be AWESOME for pics of my hubby's classic rock band. GREAT WORK!!!

MishaLee Strunk

This is the best scrap news I've heard! The new lines are beautiful and the Green news is FABULOUS!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Congrats on the GREEN. I have a feeling you'll not be alone in moving that direction.


Denise W

OMG!! I hope yall have these at the Orlando Scrapbook Expo for us to buy it all up! I already have pictures for these lines... You have outdone yourself again! Great news on going green too!

pomaika`i scrapaloha

I love your new lines! I think Cinderella and Twinkle twinkle are my most fave! Goood Job! Glad that you went green! awesome!


oh me goodness!!!! are you KIDDing me??? Green? You are on. I have never used your products before, but you better believe that I am a big believer in going green. and so I am there. I hope all my lss's carry your goods. love you guys already!


Wow... going green.... that's soooo cool!!! Love the collections! Love that they are not only printed on recycled paper but with organic ink!!! Awesome!


LOVE that you are going green! Way to go! Can't pick a fave line--but I believe that the Cinderella line will probably be the first to take a trip home with me once I see it in the stores! Who's the GENIUS who came up with the springs?--SO cool!

Stacy Armstrong

Way to go! I'm so excited about going Green!! Another great reason to purchase Piggy Tales!!


love twinkle twinkle & mulan...beautiful!

Ava G

Beautiful color hues in all the papers. Rich jewel tones....


Marilyn G

> waay too many choices!It will be difficult to buy just one collection. {sigh} if only SAHM's earned pocketmoney tidy after thier kiddies.

Pattie Donham

Hi! I just blogged about you on my blogspot! Your press kit at CHA was marvelous, and I just bragged about the darling trees you gave away. You are amazing, and I wish your company great success for leading the way to being green.
Pattie Donham, Craft Expert, Lifetime TV.com


I was so excited to read about your "green" papers in one of the magazines, and then it was even cooler to get to be the TA at CKC Portland! Thanks for everything...especially your great products!


I had stopped coming here after months and months of no one blogging here. I just came on a lark and was shocked to see activity!! Wow. Where was everybody?

Rachael Giallongo

Congrats on going green! I hear GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK! ;) Your new lines look great!


Thank you for going green!

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