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"You N Me" Layout

"You N Me" Layout

Other product needed: small rhinestone, black button, mini white button, circle swirl clip, metal flower embellishment

Background: #203 The Khan (solid red side)

Cut (2) 4” x 6” #202 Yellow River (black/white side).
Round top left corner of one and bottom right corner of another (set aside).

Cut (2) 4” x 5 ½” #201 Black Hill (solid black side).
Round bottom left corner and top right corner of another.
Position all 4 pieces onto the background with ¼” spaces between each piece.
Adhere (2) photos onto the left side of the background pieces.

“you n me” chipboard letters
Star chipboard shape
Black circle frame chipboard shape
Embellish chipboard letters with buttons, silver flower, circle swirl clip and small rhinestone.
Adhere glitter glue then glitter to the “n” chipboard letter. Let dry.
Adhere chipboard shapes and letters to the background (pop dot the “o and n”.
Punch out white leaf square Barndoor.
Adhere photo to the back of the Barndoor and cut around edges.
Adhere Barndoor to background.

Tips for chipboard letters: There are many ways to embellish chipboard letters. On this layout I’ve included buttons, clips, metal embellishments, rhinestones, and glitter. You
can also sand paper, paint, ink, chalk, or outline with pen around the edges of the letters to help them stand out. Don’t be afraid to texture and embellishments to add personality to chipboard.