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"Love You" Layout

"Love You" Layout

Background: #200 Brightness (white/black leaves)

Cut a 6 ½” x 8” #201 Black Hill (solid black side). Adhere piece 2” from top edge of background along the left edge.
Round the corners of a 5” x 7” photo. Mat onto #205 (solid red side).
Rub-on the black corner rub-on to the top left corner of the photo.
Adhere the photo to the center of the 6 ½” x 8” solid black piece.
Cut a 4” x 5 ¼” from #205 (stripe) and #201 (solid black).
Adhere pieces to the right edge of the background.
Adhere photos to the pieces.
Cut the gray stitch ribbon into the following pieces: (1) 4”, (2) 2”
Glue dot the 4” ribbon to the bottom center edge of the background.
Fold the (2) 2” pieces in half and staple together.
Adhere the stapled pieces to the 4” piece for the leaves.
Punch out flower Barndoor.
Adhere a photo or journaling behind the Barndoor.
and place glitter glue then glitter glue around the edges.
Let the glitter dry then pop dot the Barndoor to the background above the 4” ribbon.
Using the red ribbon staple one end to the top left edge of the background.
Fold over ¼” and glue dot. Follow this pattern until you get to the right edge of the background and staple the ribbon.